2015 with five gold stars

Last friday you can picture me clinging onto my boyfriend’s legs, pleading for a disaster to occur so I didn’t have to go back to work. Having had over a fortnight of uninterrupted leisure, packed with good times in the company of friends and family, I had an amplified case of the “Antique’s Roadshow fear” – that Sunday night feeling when you know that you have to pull yourself together for work the next day. Now that I’m back in the swing of it, I’m enjoying being back in my routine and fulfilling my new years resolution of getting the most out of every day.

Amongst other lovely bits for Christmas James bought me and old school flower press and  Lena Corwin’s made by hand (these could be my mucky hands!!)lena-corwin-made-by-hand

The projects in here are non-specialist and I’m really keen to give them a go – the plaited t-shirt rug and foam pressed rolling pins for pattern printing are up there on my wish-list of things to do. As the weather’s been wet and ‘orrible the past few days I’ve been getting lost in some internet surfing – which washed me up Ashley Ann Photography site – to give an old painting a modern painting-by-numbers twist, I’m really excited to play with colour here and see how they turn out!


January has been quite busy on the lovejonesaper front so far. My Uncle and his fiance have set a date for their wedding and I am honoured to help them put their save the dates and invites together. I’m always a little stumped of what to buy as wedding presents for “established” couples, those who have a defined taste and ALL the white goods already, so I am quite relieved that this will be my contribution to their big day, really keen to get stuck in!

I also had my second Etsy sale this week, a little commissioned card with all the glitter. Lovely Lena left me a five-star review (read it here) and disclosed that the card was for Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers.


There are also a couple of new items in my Etsy shop in anticipation of Valentine’s Day *smoooooch*. Gorgeous A6 pink cards with pearly envelope. I purposefully left the inside of the cards blank for lovers to scrawl down their own messages of appreciation and now feel a little obliged to give a push in the right direction…

❤ the poetic comparisons for the extent of your love:  all the blades of grass, all the clouds in the sky….

❤ favourite body parts

❤ intentions for tonight

❤ alternatively, “you’ll do”

sweet thing

photo 4 croppedphoto 5 cropped

i love you 

photo 5 croppedphoto 2 cropped


your words here :)

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