Happy Christmas!

I’ve had a lot of fun making these… I am an expert at making a mess and the initial stages of making the backgrounds involves mixing paints, dunking, splashing and a lot of drips! In contrast to the havoc in the kitchen I have had to learn how to refine and vectorize chunks of scanned in calligraphy on Photoshop and illustrator and can now proudly announce that we are on very good terms after some lover’s struggles in the beginning.

In the process I have become fascinated with the way diluted watercolours and inks on paper and in the glass itself bleed and swirl. Quite tempted to get a straw and make a bubble picture (like we all did in Primary School!), but for now I have settled on a Pinterest board, absolutely love this piece but would love to produce something like this marbled abstract watercolour in the new year.

Today I will be venturing onto old turf to deliver some Christmas cards. Sadly, (due to slow learning) I have missed the call to get some of these printed in time for Christmas this year, so bring on 2015!

happy christmas A5 _ postcard watermark

I have just sent off for these [below] to be printed, so did not miss the boat for sending thankyou notes, as anyone with impeccable manners will tell you it’s a very important thing to do!

The design of this little postcard is covered in blues“. 

postcard blues thankyou finished with watermark

Post NYFW Pantone released ten fabulous colours that would be popular in Spring 2015 and so I was very happy to see that the three colours I’d already mixed (when oblivious to this knowledge) were very close matches, huzzah! My little hairs stood up to the mention of “retro delights” and am strangely drawn to Marsala as it looks fabulous with gold and I am amongst the many people out there that do not shy from a bit of glitter! #watchthisspace

The ball is rolling on the Valentines Day cards, and I would love to hear some contributions to what you would like to see on the front of the card… I’m thinking along the lines of cheeky and seductive.

Examples so far:

“I love you with all my heart and genitalia”

“You’ll do!”

“Let’s get naked!”

“Your kisses are exquisite”

“You rock my sock”etc….

Here’s one I made earlier:

Sweet thing A5 watermark

Big love to you all and can’t wait to hear the suggestions!


your words here :)

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