On Sunday I was feeling a little under the weather, sleep deprived, blue. I decided to distract myself from this sorry state and took to pinterest to assist with calligraphy practice instead of taking my wrath of fury and the dark clouds overhead to lunch. Half a tub of icecream and some cuddles later I was fully immersed in the never ending scroll of motivational quotes that barely dented my bad mood (rare occurence, so fully happy to write about it!). I now have pages and pages of scribbles and some of them are looking pretty sweet!

James upped and went for his flight to Chicago at stupid o’clock on Monday and I woke fresh and content, happy at the amount of practice that I’d put in the day before and tried something completely different… dip-dyeing and then the potentially frustrating business of learning how to tidy up and vectorise my scribbles using photoshop and illustrator. I used this tutorial by Molly Suber-Thorpe. I actually really enjoyed the whole process and it’s definitely something that I will be doing more of!

postcard blues thankyou finished with watermark

1. handpainted / dip-dyed card scanned. 2. Vectorised calligraphy from Sunday’s practice

I’m hoping to build up a nice bank of watercolour backgrounds, words and adobe knowledge to be able to create stationery / invites soon.

It wouldn’t be lovejonespaper without sneaking in a typewriter reference and Nora has done me proud on this occasion! So, using the original paper I made a little postcard and from the other samples, a set of gift tags that are now both available on my Etsy shop.



Father Christmas – please may I have a flower-press and some origami paper? #watchthisspace

I hgave


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