baby banner cards

Baby Brackett’s parents had recently featured on Sarah Beeny’s “double your house for half the money” programme and although James had just asked for a “really, really big window” to enjoy their view (sadly, I can’t find the clip, but we giggled a lot!) in true Beeny fashion by the end of the build someone was pregnant! Baby Brackett arrived a week and a day ago and is truly one of the most handsome newborn babies I’ve seen [photos of] and we are both eagerly anticipating cuddles.

I knocked together a little card with his name on, which has just been sent to the home counties in a non cryptic fashion and then made some more chunky ribbon cards for boys and girls. I’ve made ribbon cards on the typewriter before, they were delicate and dainty in comparison to these chunky banners on smaller, square cards – I feel that this way they have more of a bouncing baby vibe and are cute as hell!

2014-11-20 13.37.03 cropped

As a sociology geek I feel like I may have done a bit of a wrong’un by ignoring the cause for gender neutrality on this one, but had to think ahead to what would sell. Boys cards have blue banners and girl’s pink, on the custom made cards you can choose a cream or yellow option if you feel the same.

2014-11-20 12.55.41 cropped

2014-11-23 10.43.40 cropped

2014-11-23 10.50.03 croppped

Note to family, there is NO baby jones-campbell, repeat NO baby – this is an example!

2014-11-23 10.49.23 cropped

In the post this week arrived a lovejonespaper stamp! I cannot praise Alyssa Randell from Clarise Stamps enough for putting this little stamp together, she has great attention to detail and really knows her business. The stamp arrived wrapped in tissue paper within a hessian bag (lovely touch right there!) – but is not stored like that, it sits on full display in our living room like an award!

2014-11-23 10.52.362014-11-23 10.53.05Links for baby banner cards:





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