Front room art trail 2014

In the past year a few friends have moved to Bristol without too much encouragement from me and now absolutely love it here as I do. As we are located in the bosom of Totterdown I decided to get everyone together and a little merry on mulled cider – Peter Snowman, my old housemate has a wonderful recipe at the Bristol Cider Shop, on Christmas Steps. The theme for this year’s front room art trail was “superheroes” with some emphasis on the two world wars, I got the typewriter out and knocked together some old school invites for a landgirl party! The Vera at Floriography put together a bunch of landgirl inspired flowers for me!

2014-11-18 12.19.38

When I woke up on the Saturday, I couldn’t see much, which made me even more excited for what could be out there!

2014-11-15 11.39.08

There was lots of cheese: I scored some points of the girls for sourcing some Shropshire Blue and the Tintern went down well too! Someone did ask us why we were walking around with knickers in our hair, but I think that we looked pretty good!

2014-11-15 18.11.40 2014-11-15 18.12.08

There was some deliberation as to whether we should re-name the trail to the “Holly Van-Dyke cat trail” as every three paces there would be something cat related! I’ve lived here for three years now and didn’t realise that we were plagued by cats – certainly never seen one standing at 5’5” drinking cider, with a laugh like Frank Butcher!

2014-11-15 16.18.43

We met the real life, Withnail and I and this started a quote spit, it went on for ages, we were a huddle of laughter! After spying the couple through a large window in Richmond Street against a backdrop of a massive oil painting, surrounded by several bottles of red and having a good time just after lunch ,we bumped into them at the pub later (quel surprise!). I don’t think anyone called anyone a ponse.

The evening was spent laughing , drinking, tricking Vicki to miss trains and contemplating Sian’s drunk and expensive purchases, such as the ceramic deer figurine in tree-pose with bonk eyes at £75. I ended up dancing with my classtitudinal girls until 6am and woke up to do some drunken, fuzzy purchasing the next day!

2014-11-16 15.58.33

Bug by and his girlfriend had some great things on show at 2 Stevens Crescent!

2014-11-16 15.39.37

Downstairs in the basement of the House of horrors ( I was sucked in by Poppy Armitage’s scribbles and sticking.

2014-11-18 12.15.57

Some lovely knitted Christmas trees by a lady working in Matthew’s house at 1 Stephens Cresent

2014-11-16 14.35.27

A Withnail and I inspired drinking jacket in wine colour (so doesn’t show the stains I presume) that I would’ve bought for James had he not sent an instant “no way am I wearing THAT!!” at the little vintage market on Higham Green.

2014-11-16 15.20.33

Things have been pretty cheesy in Totterdown Towers lately – I really loved the beastie boys lyrics lettering and typography prints here too!! I take my sugar with coffee and cream!!

2014-11-18 12.20.07

Some cool laser etchings of Totterdown terraces – these mini ones have been made for Christmas trees!

2014-11-18 12.20.33

Where’s Nora? Looking good girl!

To top off an absolutely fabulous weekend, my boyfriend arrived home from three weeks of working away, YIPPEE!!!


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