Withnail and I

This year for my birthday James and I took a little trip to London, we stomped up the many stairs to the enchanting rooftop at the Queen of Hoxton pub, snatched a directors chair, blanket and chortled into our wine for a couple of hours watching the classic Withnail and I. This onset of cold weather, occasional blue fingers and corned-beef leg has remided me of THAT deep heat and lighter fuel scene. Still laughing!


I have made a set of ten cards with my favourite Withnail and I quotes, the hardest work was whittling them down from the constant stream of wit, aka the script! These are available on my Etsy shop alongside some other goodies… I have decided against decorating them with stamp cutters as with the other cards or indeed red wine stains, fluffy teabags and fag ash (being well behaved at the moment) but if you would like a custom card made with a splash of Cotes du Rhone Village then you know what to do!

2014-11-06 13.57.32


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