first online sale milestone

This week has been one of peaks and troughs. Boyfriend here, boyfriend gone (to India and the States with work, he will be coming back) cards here, cards gone. Yep, that’s right lovejonespaper only gone and made a sale or 30, on the same day! My first ever sale (not to family and friends) was my beloved AbFab cards to a bryonyfinch on Etsy, I think I love you!

2014-10-17 08.59.46

I got into a bit of a reading frenzy on the Etsy blog the other night and into the early hours, having learned a lot more about the importance of layout, colours etc I have made some improvements to the online shop’s page namely instating a banner, everyone needs a banner!

love banner

What everyone also needs is a cheesy mugshot of the shop owner as a human being. Apparently customers like to know that they are corresponding with the big-man, by that I mean me and not God. Here I am, looking cheesy and monochrome cheesy.

2014-11-03 19.12.28-1 2014-11-03 19.19.11-1

The Etsy blog also informed me that it is ESSENTIAL to treat myself to something special to mark this milestone and should reaching goals every quarter should be rewarded by TREATING MYSELF, no compromise. I quite liked the sound of this instruction and went into town and bought some beautiful and colourful stacking rings and almost matching earrings with a friend’s wedding and all day-everyday in mind because I love them!

2014-11-05 12.31.43-1

*note that I did not max out the credit card and get sloshed on Stolli Bollis in AbFab fashion!

Following the fandom pattern I have been inspired to make a set of Withnail and I quote cards too (more on this soon), I have been productive and compiled a list of my favourite quotes from the film but what are yours?

❤ Withnail: I feel like a pig shat in my head.

❤ Withnail: There must and shall be aspirin!

❤ Withnail: SCRUBBERS!! / Schoolgirls: Up yours Grandad! / Withnail: SCRUBBERS, SCRUBBERS!! / Marwood aka I: Shut up / Withnail: Little Tarts, they love it!

❤ Monty: I think the carrot infinitely more fascinating than the geranium. The carrot has mystery. Flowers are essentially tarts. Prostitutes for the bees. There is, you’ll agree, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ oh so very special about a firm, young carrot.


your words here :)

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