voila! #coolkid

Did you know that Dot Cotton was the first character in Eastenders to monologue? This was back in 2008 when she recorded THAT tape for Jim and since then other characters have had a dab at it (Ian Beale, like all the time now, yawn). I was particularly impressed with June Brown’s energy in her performance last night (she’s 87 don’t you know!) on why All Hallow’s Eve must be celebrated to remember, cherish and of course pray for the departed.

june brown 1952

June Brown in 1952 at the Embassy Theatre

There were many references to split personalities / identities last night… be that brave faced out in public versus beaten up & making excuses indoors (Tina), the gay debate (Ben), dead or alive (Nasty Nick)! Enough about Easties there is a point to this, what is there that runs within each and every one of us that can’t be covered up with a mask, some green paint or a ghostbuster’s costume? Our very own #coolkid!!! I happily embrace mine which is why when I saw this loveheart a little while ago I had to capture it then immediately send it to my friends.

2014-10-31 13.16.00

2014-10-31 13.13.46

I love to give physical gifts for keeps, so the cards are back from the printers, and even though they are for sale at my ETSY shop I will probably never sell any because I’m going to imminently post all them to everyone in my address book three times because I’m so so excited, just like the kid that ate far too many lovehearts and is now foaming at the mouth!


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