Halloween Arnos Vale photos

On Sunday I had a 30 second whinge to two good friends that the hours I work are beginning to feel unsociable; but on the flipside I get to go for stomps in the glorious morning sunshine (this makes me VERY happy!). On the run up to Halloween I slipped on my wellies and fur coat to lap it all up. The trees and headstones threw some magical light around one of my favourite scenic spots, Arnos Vale Cemetery.

IMG_2180 (2)IMG_2241 - Copy (2)IMG_2174 (2)IMG_2233 (2) IMG_2173 (2)

I was compelled to take MANY photos of the silhouettes of the trees and leaves….

IMG_2184 (2) IMG_2183 (2) IMG_2203 (2)

And for the Halloween element there was some #scaryshit that influenced this year’s jack o’ lantern! Bats, spiders, left behind toys…

IMG_2240 (2) IMG_2223 - Copy (2) IMG_2209 (2) IMG_2200 - Copy (2)

As an individual that loves writing styles and typography the twisting memorial walls offered some interesting fonts and names!

IMG_2226 - Copy (2)IMG_2225 - Copy (2)IMG_2230 - Copy (2)

I conclude that is is: #scaryshit and a very poor photo!

2014-10-28 23.40.21-1


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