shake it!

I pride myself a little on buying good birthday presents. This year I bought James a book I’d spotted in the V&A museum on a recent visit to London about Clarks shoes in Jamaica, some Nike Roshes and a little stack of instagram polaroids from that documented our time together so far. The night before his “big-3-1” I attempted to pen on some comments for even more sentimental value, but anything in biro looked shit and my sharpies were in fact highlighter versions of a sharpie & just smudged everywhere (but luckily wiped off ok). This morning I made a discovery via Nora that typewriters are an excellent means to add text to polaroids, woohooo!

2014-10-17 11.59.13

Sydney boutique close-up

2014-10-17 11.58.54

Annoyingly, the process is very fiddly. I didn’t want to damage the polaroid by bending it too much. This would definitely happen if it it were churned through the paper feed and around the platen, so the polaroids were balanced precariously behind the ribbon and I hoped for the best whilst thumping away with one hand and holding the polaroid with the other. “Character” as an adjective for flaws were mentioned in previous post inked up – however sometimes things can go ‘orribly wrong (see image below).

2014-10-17 11.59.37


Beginner’s wobbles aside I am delighted with the polaroid prints. As a child of the 90’s and had had my own polaroid camera at some point and these digital print-out versions are just brighter and better quality ones that I grew up with.

As a new blogger I also wanted to attract more traffic to this site and the little ventures that I’m starting out on in addition to shamelessly plugging friends and companies that have made this start up a little easier. Thankyou by the way! There will be a competition to run over the next couple of weeks to win some goodies from myself and – check back soon.

love jones


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