lovejones coffee

Today, wait for it, I have taken my blogging out of our cosy and wind battered home aka “Totterdown Towers” and down the hill to Banco Lounge for a change of scene. My boyfriend is not one to proclaim bold and profound statements (haha) but this is his favourite joint in at least a one mile radius. The sweet combination of eggs, hiphop classics and me wearing a Notorious BIG t-shirt this birthday reduced him to tears #overwhelmed. In a less excitable state than  Sep 20th I am currently enjoying a delicious cappuccino with bitter dark chocolate dusting but it is missing a little something…. a loveheart! Here’s a coffee that I flukily made the other day….

2014-10-07 18.32.21

lovejones coffee

By word association I thought of a friend’s blog named Clothes, Cameras and CoffeeAt a sweet age of 19 Rosalind has published in magazines including British Vogue, Violet, Lionheart and Teen Tatler, and on the Guardian, and Oxfam websites. She is also junior editor of Violet magazine. An occasional model, book lover and feminist with an appreciation for excellent coffee. And there people lies the coffee link!!


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